​​​John Fraser Art and Illustration​

beforehand and altering it is not an option. This arrangement suits me just fine as I enjoy being a part of a creative team. I spent two years in a design studio and another two as an advertising art director where I hired photographers, retouchers and printing services so I am quite familiar with the chain of events that must be managed effectively to achieve excellent results.

    I created all of the images you see here in this fashion for huge, multi-national ad agencies, small one person design studios and everything in between. 

    One of the main things that sets advertising illustration apart from other types is that you are not generally called upon to “interpret” the subject the way you would with a storybook or editorial project. When I am asked to do this kind of job the image has usually been determined by a committee or creative group who don’t want an artist to run wild with their idea. Because they are responsible to their client they need to maintain a certain amount of control over the creative process.

    There have been instances where I have offered input but this is usually more in the areas of design, composition and character development. The content has usually been decided upon