​​​John Fraser Art and Illustration​

Caricature Of Obama As A Teacher

Caricature Artist and Character Artist - People, Celebrities, Cartoon Characters and Historical Figures  

Funny Character, nervous witness
Funny Character, Jack Of Clubs

​​​John’s talent for creating warm, expressive illustrations of people and in-teresting characters has resulted in commissions for countless magazine articles, children’s books and advertising campaigns. John likes to convey 

Funny Character, Shady Salesman
Funny Character, King Of Spades
Caricatures Of The Mean Girls
Caricature of Dr. Dre
detective character comedian
Caricature of Amanda Seyfried
Funny characters, privacy

heartfelt emotions and tell a story when he portrays people. His  funny and believable caricatures have also appeared in corporate publications, edu-cational texts and product identities.

Funny Character, aging and living longer
Funny Character, Novice Bike Marathon Rider
Caricatures of Dwayne Johnson and Mark Wahlberg
Funny Characters, last will and testament
Caricature of Paris Hilton
Funny Character, Queen Of Hearts
Wades Monster
Funny Character, Ace Of Diamonds