​​​John Fraser Art and Illustration​

understand and relate to the story. After reading and digesting the manuscript I work with the author, editor and/or publisher to determine the optimal balance between text and image and how those two elements should interact throughout the book. I always take into account the amount of text, where there are essential paragraph breaks and how dialogue in particular might complement the visuals we have decided on. Children’s books are a collaborative process and I enjoy being part of the team whether it’s alone with the author or with a whole committee in a large publishing firm. 

​Having started out as a child myself I’ve had a lifelong appreciation for books exclusively written and illustrated for children. It’s an interesting challenge to create images with enough simplicity yet ample detail to convey the rich panolply of ideas, emotions and actions underscoring a well written children’s story. Creating characters whether human or animal is a lot of fun. Developing a series of dynamic images that portray an entire “family” complete with descriptive body language and facial expressions is the kind of project I love to sink my teeth into. As these sample images demonstrate I like to give my characters expressive personalities that help the reader