​​​John Fraser Art and Illustration​

on paper and also digitally (although my computer work fools most people who think it is acrylic on illustration board).

Portrait work requires a sharp eye, a lot of patience and above all excellent reference material whether it’s photography supplied by the client or shot by myself. Naturally artwork is more flexible than the camera as the subject can be portrayed in any setting with any combination of other family members; even if one of them is no longer with us. This is how portrait painting can transcend reality and the camera and why it is just as important today as it was many years ago.Type your paragraph here.

The fascinating new process known as photography came into it’s own in the latter half of the nineteenth century and classic portrait painting was thought to be on the verge of disappearing . However, the invention of vibrant, synthetic painting pigments breathed new life into the art world and painters like Cezanne, Monet and Van Gogh were again the favourites of the moneyed classes who wanted their likenesses immortalized.

The art world has been through a lot since those days and portraiture has evolved with it. I think of my portrait work as more in the traditional vein, realistic with a painterly feel. You can see from these samples that I like to work in oils, graphite